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Why Speaking Up?

Do you want to become visible with your message? Are you ready to share your story with intention and confidence but feel weak in the knees when you are about to speak in front of a group?

This is why we do what we do. Speaking Up trains people to communicate in a clear and powerful way. Nerves or no nerves. So you can express yourself whenever and wherever you want.

The TRUST method

We’ve created the unique TRUST© method.

TRUST stands for Together, Relax, Unique, Stance and Trust. With this method we teach you the skills that create trust and real connection with your audience. So your message will be received and remembered.

We focus on three areas: Delivery, Voice and Story.

It is all about your non-verbal behaviour. To be more specific, owning your space, staying connected, feeling grounded. In other words, the non-verbal communication skills that create trust within your audience. We teach you different powerful techniques that will enable you to present without effort and with the greatest authenticity.

The voice does not lie. Everything we feel and that is going on in ourselves we can hear through our voices. Think about a trembling voice, a pinched voice or a lump in your throat. All ways in which the voice gives you away. We teach you techniques that will help you to get to know your voice. So that what you say and how it comes out of your mouth is congruent. This creates the foundation of trustworthy communication.

Story telling is a powerful way of communicating. Because stories create memories. Memories carry emotion and we make decisions based on how we feel. You can learn the steps that will turn your message into an inspiring and authentic story. We offer you an easy method that will help you to share your story without effort. And compel your audience to remember you and be moved to follow your call for action.


Speaking up is founded by Tineke Ridderhof (resumé LinkedIn).

Tineke Ridderhof | Speaking Up

Whether I’m teaching university students about communication skills, hosting a retreat on Ibiza or when developing a one year program about personal growth, one thing is the same. I give it my whole heart.

And that is how I want to work with you. By bringing in everything I’ve learned in my twelve years of experience as a psychologist, coach, trainer and entrepreneur. So I can make one promise. You will evolve and become a brighter version of yourself.


What other people say about the Speaking Up trainings.

Moniek Wester, Film and Documentary maker:
The strength of this training is that you make a big impact in a short amount of time. You have a clear way of looking and a warm open heart. You act from a place of power and are goal orientated.
The training opened my eyes and made it clear where my deeper, more profound, motivation lies.

Clifton Mahangoe, Artist:
I thought the TRUST model was very strong and clear. I noticed the breathing techniques and visualisation worked very well on me. It brought me back to myself. You are warm, clear and strong. A very nice way of making contact and giving feedback.

Marcel Dekker, Trainer Coach:
Training “Speaking Up”…. Educational, exciting, connecting and in-depth. Thank you Tineke for this inspiring experience!

Hedwig van der Geer, Freelance Project Manager:
Trough this training I have overcome myself and my fears. I am more aware of my nerves. I always thought that I needed to get rid of these nerves or hide them as much as possible. This training proved to me that I can let them be and I take that with me. Also, the tools from TRUST are easy to use.

Merel Stegeman, Writer, Entrepreneur:
What I found powerful about this training was the doing, the experiencing and the sharing. To see what other people are challenged by and to get invited to try things in a different way. To see the similarities and recognition; “oh thank god, I am not the only one.”

Mark Otten, Music Producer:
The quality of this training is that it goes to the core of things real quickly. When you are authentic you are the most valuable to the world. Besides that I take the TRUST tool with me next time I am in a public speaking situation.

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What we do

Custom made.
Are you looking for an in-depth course to build a powerful presentation? Or a masterclass to help you deliver a pitch? Is it Presentation, Voice or Story that you or your team want to work on? Or all of the above? Depending on your wishes we create a program that fits like a glove.

Open enrollment course.
Working in a small supportive group we focus on Delivery, Voice and Story using the TRUST method and personalised feedback.
An excellent way to experience dynamic growth as a speaker. Are your ready for transformation? Check the dates.


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